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magic box, what kinds of data are contained within the reflect0rs?

Documents that my mom and her friend wrote between 1993-7. My mom wrote occupational therapy articles on things like how one can deal with AIDS and also her experience at a conference called “The Power of Laughter and Play.” Her friend Darcy was studying for an English degree while being involved in local arts and theater. She had docs of tongue twisters, essays, play reviews, and messages for a cast (“We have just 3 weeks to knock ‘em dead (sorry can’t resist dead jokes)”). That kinda stuff


Woke up at 3:40 to fly to Hartford and drive to UMass with parents. Lunch with hippie aunt at loose goose; cheesy bfast sandwhich. I made my room and focused particular energy into forming a complimentary shrine equipped with metallic data-filled reflectors. We are tired and dehydrated



Clearly she wasn’t ready for what Boots had to say. Bravo, Fox, for ignoring the real talk. I bet her producer was yelling in her ear to not respond to him. After this happened, the Fox 8 morning show’s producer sent out the following via e-mail: 
"Fox 8 was not the time or opportunity for Boots to go on his political rant. With his statements he not only hurt our station’s credibility but also the festival’s. I was looking to do a fun interview and it turned into something entirely different. We will not be reaching out for any interviews in the future."

haha, Boots Riley is awesome.

I saw Street Sweeper Social Club when I was 14 and it was dope